How to Pick Oils to Put in Your Diffuser

Today’s video is all about how to pick which oils to use in your diffuser. Whether you look up (or know) a specific recipe, or pick whatever oils are calling to you at that moment, diffusing is a great way to benefit from essential oils.

I will sometimes use a specific recipe, but I usually either pick specific oils that call to me, or I get my son to pick out some. I think doing it that way results in an intuitively chosen blend that matches what you need, either physically or mentally.

I do use a few “rules” when picking oils. I have a 4 hour diffuser, so will choose a maximum of 3-4 oils, using 6-8 drops total. Any more than that and you’re just wasting the oils. I only chose one blend at a time, and if I chose other oils to go with it, I tend to stick to ones that are already in the blend (which gives a “boost” to those specific oils).

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